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Honor Books are sold as a way of getting new books into the library. When purchased, the book is then given to the library in your child's honor. A sticker with your child's name is placed inside the book and your child is the first to check out the book.




Please come support the annual PTO Book Fair
at the Bragg School Gym October 16th-October 19th!
October 16th  12-6PM
   October 17th  8AM-8PM
   October 18th  8AM-8PM
       October 19th  8AM-12PM
                                                         Website:  Come to Our Book Fair!



CHESTER PTO DISCOUNT CARD                                           

Buy your discount card for savings to 19 local vendors including:

Chester Diner, American Tire and Auto, Iris Tree, Michael's Salon,

Party Fair, Taylor's Ice Cream and so many more!  



      CHESTER Class representative 2019-2020                                     

        Become a class rep for the 2019-2020 school year!  


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