Bragg Assemblies 2017-2018


Tanglewood Marionett (Perseus and Medusa)
Students are taken back in time to the dawn of civilization, to an ancient world of gods, goddesses, prophecies and heroes. In this masterful production, students will accompany Perseus through personal trials and glorious quests.
A lavish show featuring beautiful, hand-crafted marionettes, scrolling sets, exotic music and much, much more. The ancient world has never been so accessible!
Science Sportacular (Newton's Laws)
Students get to experience Newton’s Laws and cause and effect using sports equipment. Students learn how a pitcher makes a baseball curve and volunteers join in a momentum race. They even demonstrate concepts related to helmet safety by lying on a bed of sharp nails. No tricks or illusions here, just pure science.
Bounce Out the Stigma - Mighty Mike
 Mighty Mike Simmel comes to Bragg to talk about how Mighty Mike Bounces Back and see and hear the real story in person.  Mike will astonish with basketball tricks and motivate the children to believe in themselves and set high goals despite any obstacles in their way. From 2001-2014 Mike was a featured member of the Harlem Wizards professional entertainment basketball team. He is a former New York Knicks ball boy.
Kit Interactive (Pioneer Travel On the Oregon Trail)
Pioneer Travel on the Oregon Trail re-enacts a day of westward covered-wagon travel.  As the journey begins, pioneer Penny Pritchard shows "young frontiersmen" how to properly pack their wagons with food, medicines, tools and other necessities and she instructs them on how they'll use oxen, mules, horses, scouts and hunters.  Along the way, the group is met with buffalo stampedes, snakebites and other challenging obstacles.  The program ends at the evening campsite.  After their meal, the banjo player strikes up a tune and a lively country-dance is enjoyed by all.




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